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JTH Audio specializes in providing services for the following types of event:

JTH Audio is the premier festival production company in the region.  We are well-versed in the logistics and details of festival production.  From first time, one-day, one-stage festivals to long-running, multi-week, multi-stage productions; JTH Audio has consistently produced some of the greatest festival experiences in our area.  We have had the honor of working with festivals such as Bikes Blues and BBQ, Toad Suck Daze, Pink Tomato Festival,  Crawdad Festival, Freedom Fest, Grape Festival, Smoke on the Water, and many, many more. 

JTH Audio has been proud to serve the NWA concert going community for the past 25 years.  It's been an honor to be called upon time-and-time again to produce all the major acts traveling through our area.  

Corporate Events
JTH Audio has worked with the biggest corporations in the world to help produce events large and small.  We are very concious of budgets.  JTH Audio understands how to make any event a success given any budget constraint.

Recently Added Inventory

Updated: 07/21/14


- GK 810 Bass Cab

- Ampeg SVT 4-PRO Bass Head

- Lycian 1275 Superstar Follow Spot Light

- Fender Blacktop Stratocaster HH Electric Guitar

- SWR California Blonde

- Roland KC-550

- JBL VRX932LAP System

- SWR California Blonde

- EV DX38 Digital Processor

- Korg M-50

- Behringer X32

- Pearl P-3000D Kick Pedal

- EV RE-20 Microphone

- Chauvet COLORado Tri Tour LED (LED Inventory Expanded)

- Fender Blues DeVille

- Fender Telecaster (American)

- Hammond B3

- SWR Bass 750 Head

- Hartke HA5500 Head

- Hartke 4.5XL Cab

- Hartke 115XL Cab

- Nord Stage 2

- Road Hog Playback Wing

- JBL Vertec 4888 (Inventory Expanded)

- Sumner Eventer Super Towers

- Roland KC-500

- Roland KC-550

- 4 Lycian 1275 Followspots

- Fender 5-String Jazz Bass

- Yamaha MotifES7

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